Concerts and theater

Concerts and plays photographer

Shooting for music shows, plays and dance performances

The stage, the lights, the movement, these are the three key elements that the photographer for concerts, plays and performances must deal with. Only a professional will be able to find the perfect combination of these three aspects, to allow the audience to relive through the images the same sounds and emotions of the live event, being it a concert, a play, a dance performance.
An expert photographer camouflages himself in the darkness of the theater, revealing his presence only and at the end of the event, to provide you with a full experience of your show.

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Concerts in Rome

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Live direction and audio/video editing

In collaboration with Gianluca Grasso

Video shoots and direction

Musical compositions with original pieces

Audio and video editing

a-LIVE at “Stazione Birra”

Intro of the a-LIVE concert at pub "Stazione Birra" in Rome, 19/02/2006. The video format is 9x2 and it's expressly created for the Stazione Birra ledwal that is 9 meters per 2. Editing: Gianluca Grasso. Original musica "Shines on him (Pink Floyd apocryphal)" written and played by Gianluca Grasso The song "Alive" from Pearl Jam is played by the band a-LIVE. Video shooting by Patrizio Boschi, Gianluca Grasso e Massimo Simeone.

concert in rome

“Creep” – Locanda Blues

Concert by a-LIVE shoot at Locanda Blues in Rome Lights and recording: Locanda Blues Audio post-production: Patrizio Boschi e Gianluca Grasso Camera men: Patrizio Boschi, Gianluca Grasso, Massimo Simeone Color grading, editing: Gianluca Grasso

Italian play

Sempre Uniti

"Sempre uniti" by Antonio Marino with Agnese Ascioti and Antonio Marino Music by Gianluca Grasso Directed by Antonio Marino --- Editing and video: Gianluca Grasso Operators: Alberto De Angelis, Gianluca Grasso, Massimo Simeone Sound and scene photographer: Patrizio Boschi Lights: Angela Lambiase Shoot at "Piccolo teatro Campo d'arte - Cappellari Tonight SHOW" di Roma - 11 May 2013 eyeWill © video production

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