Cicatrici: Scars

Teatro Mr Kaos Off - 2012

Only in recent years has the female universe begun to make its presence heard loudly. Lately, for example, much is being done to raise awareness of the situation of women in Europe, dealing with issues such as the wage gap. One thing, however, that still needs to be talked about is violence against women. Since 1999, the United Nations General Assembly has declared November 25 as World Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, inviting governments, international organizations and NGOs to organize activities and events to raise public awareness on this issue. From here, the theatre show Scars is born.

Cicatrici is a theatrical project aimed at showing the suffering, the abuses, experienced by women who, however, have decided to react.speak out and denounce. They have decided to assert their rights. A very strong show, a statement which wants to underline the dignity of women victims of violence. The show was staged at the Mr Kaos Off Theater. The actresses, obviously all women, have decided to stage a story that still wants to speak about real experiences, of course, but it is also a show on hope. These scars are the medals that women must display courageously, as a testimony of their victory. Only those who caused them should be ashamed.

In a whirlwind of lights, suggestions, sometimes surrealism, we discover a warrior, courageous femininity, mother of dignity and strength. This short shooting is intended to testify to the respect that all of us must bear in the face of the visible and invisible scars that most women still wear today.

Nowadays there are many issues we should reflect on to improve this world for the better: environment, human suffering,...

The weapons we have at our disposal are awareness and information, that are much more powerful than we expect.

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