Sempre Uniti

Where to see a young and innovative Italian play in Rome?

Here is an example, we are at the Piccolo Teatro Campo d'Arte, in the heart of Rome. A small, yet very cozy theatre, with many young emerging actors.

In my opinion, a good play is very often able to convey more emotions than a movie: when watching a movie there is a cold screen to distance ourselves from everything that happens on the movie. In the theater, on the other hand, we are automatically connected with the actors. In front of us they strip themselves of their identities and become a story. Stories able to touch the audience much more deeply, as on stage the spectators witness something that seems real, but it is not.

A truly exciting play, full of silence and reflections, able of involving and making people think. Sempre Uniti has exceeded expectations, undoubtedly thanks to the skillful representation of the actors. They, in fact, surround the public with a vortex of emotions often present in the daily life of each of us, showing points of view that often go unnoticed. It is an Italian play that speaks about the importance of couple relationship in a different and original way, with protagonists who, although young, know how to convey pathos and passion to the story.

How to spend an alternative evening? I would say this can be a really good idea!

"Sempre uniti" by Antonio Marino
Performed by Agnese Ascioti and Antonio Marino
Music by Gianluca Grasso
Directed by Antonio Marino
Editing and video: Gianluca Grasso
Operators: Alberto De Angelis, Gianluca Grasso, Massimo Simeone
Sound and scene photographer: Patrizio Boschi
Lights: Angela Lambiase
Shoot at "Piccolo teatro Campo d'arte - Cappellari Tonight SHOW" di Roma - 11 May 2013
eyeWill © video production

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