The Alan Parsons Project

"Centrale Live" - Foro Italico, Rome - 2013

As it's clear from the name itself, The Alan Parsons Project didn't really start out as a musical band, but just like a real project, conceived by Alan Parsons, a successful producer and sound engineer. Parsons had great success in the music industry as a sound engineer, thanks to his collaboration with the Beatles first, but then also with Paul McCartney, and he reached his peak with the collaboration withPink Floyd.

Influenced by his work and the environment, Alan decided to create his own songs, and in 1974, together with the singer and songwriter Eric Woolfson, The Alan Parsons Project was created. The group had success thanks to a symphonic rock, able to combine classical instruments with the most modern electronic technologies. They published some interesting albums and were at the basis of a notable impulse to the evolution of recording techniques.

Here you can listen to their main hits, with solos and symphonies you won't forget. No doubt Alan Parsons was much more than a sound engineer.

If you would like attending a concert and you want to enjoy some music from your sofa, letting yourself be lulled by notes, but looking at photos of the events from the comfort of your PC, with a glass of wine in hand, you can also take a look at these shootings!