a-LIVE at “Stazione Birra”

The description of a lifestyle, of a vision, in more or less a minute. The history, the protagonists and the notes of the purest and the most energic rock are squeezed in a few seconds. The audience is close to the cords, to the musical instrument of the band on stage, the a-LIVE, at Stazione Birra. The band name is the reflection of their music, and it has been inspired by one of the most representative and meaningful word in the history of rock, Alive, by Pearl Jam. They are a great Italian interpretation of all the biggest artists of all the time. If you have the opportunity to se one of their concert, you won't regret!

Here you can find a video shooting of one of their concerts.

Intro of the a-LIVE concert at pub "Stazione Birra" in Rome, 19/02/2006. The video format is 9x2 and it has been created especially for the Stazione Birra ledwall that is 9x2 metres big. Editing: Gianluca Grasso.

Original music "Shines on him (Pink Floyd apocryphal)" written and played by Gianluca Grasso

The song "Alive" from Pearl Jam is played by the band a-LIVE.

Video shooting by Patrizio Boschi, Gianluca Grasso e Massimo Simeone.