Peppe Barra

Riano Festival - Theater in the quarries - 2011

Peppe Barra and Shakespeare, what a couple!

We are once again within the spectacular "Theater in the quarries" festival, in Riano, north of Rome.

On this evening we were lucky enough to see several elements combined, thus creating a show worthy of Shakespeare's greatness. In fact, on stage, we had the great Peppe Barra, an artist made for the theater, interpreting a comedy by undoubtedly the greatest playwright of all time: Shakespeare. That's not all, because the story and the stage take us to an imaginary place that Shakespeare calls Ephesus, here surrounded by tuff quarries. All of this combined really creates an effect that we can only feel, but not describe. It is a place of witchcraft, a kind of fairy land where anything can happen, especially to the audience. Peppe Barra plays different roles, all with his Neapolitan accent, a foreigner in Ephesus.

The English playwright with this Italian actor, in this evocative scenery are able to make you forget even the worst day at work! In the gallery I have tried to grasp just some of the key moments of the play.

Would you like enjoying the theater, even from your sofa? Check out these shootings, you won't regret!