Nicola Piovani

Riano Festival - Theater in the quarries  - 2011

There are some experiences that leave you speechless, as if you were under a spell. This concert was in my opinion one of those experiences. The concert by Nicola Piovani was held in a splendid location: the tuff quarries of Riano, on the occasion of the “Teatro nelle Cave” festival.

With words, it is really difficult to describe what it feels like to be immersed in such a picturesque place, surrounded by evocative music, a music which we have already heard in cinemas, theaters...

A truly touching atmosphere, which manages to perfectly combine the human soul in a dimension of art and dream. In the realization of this spell, the artists made use of their (magical) instruments: Nicola Piovani obviously on the piano, Andrea Avena on double bass, Marina Cesari on sax and clarinet, Pasquale Filastò, cello and guitar, Cristian Marini, on drums and accordion .

Of course neither words, nor images can replace an experience like this, but this little photo shoot just wants to pay homage to the Oscar-winning master Nicola Piovani who, during his concert, really made me think "Life is Beautiful ".

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