“Creep” – Locanda Blues

Where to spend an evening with live Music (yes, with a capital M), good food and good friends?

Here is the fantastic evening that the group A-Live, from Rome, prepared for us at Locanda Blues, an Italian restaurant and pub where every weekend you can always find excellent live music to enjoy a relaxing evening.

In this case we saw the show of the A-Live, a Roman group thus explaining the name they chose for the band:

"The name is intended above all as "survival" to the changes that time inevitably reserves for us: work, feelings, private life, moods, contingencies, let's say from everyday life that has been flowing for over 15 years, with a certain pride and fortitude we have never given up as a rock band, we survived, and with a pinch of boldness again we relaunch: stay rock! ". Read their entire interview here.

In this short video we see A-Live performing a rather difficult song, Radiohead's "Creep". The atmosphere of the Locanda Blues is beautiful, with a welcoming and attentive audience. What can I say, definitely an evening to repeat!

An evening to remember, with 3 shooting points and live audio.

Concert by a-LIVE shoot at Locanda Blues in Rome

Lights and recording: Locanda Blues

Audio post-production: Patrizio Boschi e Gianluca Grasso

Camera men: Patrizio Boschi, Gianluca Grasso, Massimo Simeone

Color grading, editing: Gianluca Grasso

Watch the group presentation video here and follow them on their facebook page in order not to miss their next concerts: it's really worth it!

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