Kings of Convenience

"Roma incontra il mondo" - Villa Ada - 2013

The indie pop duo, Kings of Convenience, performed in Rome, in the splendid setting of the Via Ada Park. The Norwegian group performed and held the concert on the occasion of the "Roma incontra il mondo" (Rome meets the World) event. I could not miss the opportunity to make a small photo shoot of this great performance. The atmosphere was that typical of every concert: the public enjoying the extraordinary combination of music and nature, the group has involved the audience with their rhythm. I think we all felt like if we were sharing a moment with fundamentally unknown people, and this feeling is really rare, something you can live in very few circumstances, among which there are concerts. In fact, in concerts, you often find yourself in close contact with people you don't know, but who already share a passion with you.

In this case I want to thank the Kings of Convenience and their notes for letting me experience their music with other people, and I invite you to listen to the notes of one of their most famous pieces on a free morning, with a nice cup of coffee warming your hands. I remember with pleasure that evening, when I let myself be carried away by their guitars, in sweet and acoustic sounds, enjoying music and company.

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