a-LIVE at “Stazione Birra”

Intro of the a-LIVE concert at pub "Stazione Birra" in Rome, 19/02/2006. The video format is 9x2 and it's expressly created for the Stazione Birra ledwal that is 9 meters per 2. Editing: Gianluca Grasso. Original musica "Shines on him (Pink Floyd apocryphal)" written and played by Gianluca Grasso The song "Alive" from Pearl Jam is played by the band a-LIVE. Video shooting by Patrizio Boschi, Gianluca Grasso e Massimo Simeone.

concert in rome

“Creep” – Locanda Blues

Concert by a-LIVE shoot at Locanda Blues in Rome Lights and recording: Locanda Blues Audio post-production: Patrizio Boschi e Gianluca Grasso Camera men: Patrizio Boschi, Gianluca Grasso, Massimo Simeone Color grading, editing: Gianluca Grasso

Italian play

Sempre Uniti

"Sempre uniti" by Antonio Marino with Agnese Ascioti and Antonio Marino Music by Gianluca Grasso Directed by Antonio Marino --- Editing and video: Gianluca Grasso Operators: Alberto De Angelis, Gianluca Grasso, Massimo Simeone Sound and scene photographer: Patrizio Boschi Lights: Angela Lambiase Shoot at "Piccolo teatro Campo d'arte - Cappellari Tonight SHOW" di Roma - 11 May 2013 eyeWill © video production



A beautiful project for the Bed&Breakfast "Le Querce"

Fotografo d'interni - Architecture


Marina is an architect and home stager

Fotografo di interni


Roberto's property was one of the most beautiful to photograph